Prospective Students Admissions


Four years of accredited College coursework in the underlisted subjects and a Bachelor's degree are required to enter the 4-Year M.D. program. Students who do not fulfill the minimum requirements for the 4-Year M.D. program may be eligible for the 6-Year M.D. program.


At least one full year in College with laboratory experience.

Courses taken should deal with the cellular and molecular aspects as well as the structure of living organisms. Upper level courses in molecular biology will also be considered.


Two full years in College with laboratory experience.

Full year courses in Inorganic and Organic Chemistry meet this requirement. Other options that adequately prepare students for this requirement are upper level courses in Biochemistry and Physical Chemistry.


One full year in College with laboratory experience.


At least one full year of College level Mathematics.

Calculus and Statistics are recommended.

Expository Writing:

At least one full year of College level writing.

An English or non-Science course involving expository writing is recommended.

Additional Courses:

At least 16 additional credit hours in non-Science courses.
A course in Biochemistry is also encouraged.

Other Selection Factors:

Academic excellence is expected. No preference is shown toward students majoring in the sciences over those in non-Science areas. In addition to the college record, other factors considered include the application essay, letters of recommendation, research, out-of-classroom activities, community work and life experience. The Admission Review Board (ARB) looks for evidence of integrity, maturity, humanitarian concerns, leadership potential and an aptitude for working with people. Interviews are scheduled selectively.

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Non-Discriminatory Policy

St. Christopher Iba Mar Diop College of Medicine grants admissions to all qualified students regardless of color, race, nationality, religion, gender, disability or marital status.