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Are you looking to enhance your opportunities for brilliant achievement as a medical student? Are you keen about serious individualized study, preparations for class presentations or writing of research papers? All of these can be achieved by the utilisation of the library resources, in addition to the quality lectures that you will be provided.


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Opening Hours:

The library is open 9:00 am-7.00 pm and with extended hours during examination periods.


As the library is accorded a pride of place, its collection development drive is an ongoing process to which the College is committed in ensuring availability of current, up-to-date and comprehensive collections in the library.

Books –  There is a stock of over 10,000 volumes (general and core reference texts) covering all subjects in the premedical, basic and clinical sciences.

Journals –    The library subscribes to a selected popular journals (print and online versions) covering the main specialities catered for in the College.

E-library –    The College intends to subscribe to the latest and most comprehensive type of this highly resourceful template in the near future.

Other Facilities:

There is an IT section with about 15 workstations with broadband connectivity and wireless access in the adjoining room to the library. As the College is located in proximate location to the Main Public Library (Luton Central Library), our students are afforded the opportunity to benefit immensely from the vast volumes of collections stocked in the medical and healthcare fields.

Medical Search Engines
OmniMedicalSearch (

PubMed home (

WebMd (

UK PubMed Central (

Search MedlinePlus:

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Online Medical Journals

There are some other free resources online, which include

Free Medical Journals Online (

Medscape (

HighWire (

Due to popular demand, we have designed this webpage to show you how to access  major medical journals online for free. Some journals allow access to articles that are more than six months old while others allow access to articles that are a year or older. Most recent articles are available too but you will need a paid subscription to gain access to these articles.

If you have problems accessing an online journal, please report it to the webmaster.

Please note, St. Christopher Iba Mar Diop College of Medicine does not have associations or affiliations with these organizations.  These links are not meant to be a form of endorsement or advertisement for any organization.  These links have been provided for the educational benefit of our students.

Only articles 6 months and older are free

PubMed Central

The American Journal of Human Genetics

The New England Journal of Medicine
JAMA & Archives
The Journal of Cell Biology
Journal of Clinical Microbiology
Journal of Virology

Only articles 1 year and older are free
The American Journal of Pathology
Arteriosclerosis, Thrombosis, and Vascular Biology
Circulation Research
Endocrine Reviews
Genome Research
The Journal of Neuroscience
JGP Online
Pharmacological Reviews
Physiological Reviews
British Medical Journal


Medical Sciences Resources of the British Library:

Health Care Information of the British Library:

The Royal Society of Medicine                         :