Prospective Students Students and Faqs

Students and Faqs

Q1.  Information about the available programs.

There are 4- and 6-year MD programs, which admissions can be sought for, depending on the situation of each of the applicants.

Q2.  What are the pre-requisites for consideration for the different programs?

For the 4-year MD Program: Prospective applicants must possess minimum of 90 undergraduate credits in the following five subjects: English, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Biology. For 6-year MD Program: Prospective candidates must possess high school certificates to apply for 6-year MD Program.

Q3.  What are the components/breakdown for the 6-year Program?

First Two years: Pre-medical sciences for subjects including English, Mathematics, Physics I and II, Chemistry I and Organic, Biology I and II and other humanity-related subjects. Third and Fourth Years: Basic Medical Sciences with a total duration of 5 semesters over   two years. Each semester is 15 weeks in duration.  Fifth and Sixth Years: Clinical rotations in the affiliated hospitals for 72 weeks duration, made up of:  Core rotations - 48 weeks; and Elective rotations - 24 weeks.

Q4.  What are the components/breakdown for the 4-year MD program?

Please refer to the third to sixth year of the 6-year MD program as outlined in No. 3 above.

Q5.  What are the languages of instruction for the medical programs?

English and French Languages are used at the main campus in Senegal.

Q7. Recognition, charter and accreditation?

The College is listed on FAIMER, WHO and MCC directories and is recognized by the Ministry of Education at Senegal, ECFMG and Medical Council of Canada. The College runs under the charter from the Ministry of Education, Senegal, and West Africa. Also, the College has been certified by the British Accreditation Bureau with ISO 9001:2000 as a supplier of high quality medical education services.  Above all, the College is accredited with the "Premier College" status by the Accreditation Service for International Colleges (ASIC), UK.

Q8.  At which campus can I study for an MD program in English?

That is possible at the main campus in Dakar, Senegal.

Q9.  Where can one practice medicine after finishing the training and awarded MD?

You can practice in the Senegal, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and all other countries that recognize ECFMG certification.

Q10.  Can we practice medicine in England or other European countries?

Currently, we do not have GMC’s recognition for our graduates to practice medicine in England. So, the students will not be able to sit for PLAB Exam or practice medicine after graduation in England or any European country which provides licensure based on GMC’s recognition only.

Q11.  What are the examinations that students have to appear for, during the 4- or 6-year MD?

Every semester, which is of 15 weeks duration, has total of three examinations in the form of: First Midterm, Second Midterm and Final exams separated by 4 to 5 weeks duration. Apart from this, upon successful completion of basic sciences, students are required to pass USMLE Step 1 within 9 months following when basic sciences were finished and will thus be eligible for clinical rotations.   During the clinical rotations, students have to sit for USMLE Step 2 which includes Clinical Skills (CS) and Clinical Knowledge (CK). Also, there may be other separate entrance examinations to be taken, depending on the country where you want to practice medicine.

Q12.  Which institution is the issuing body for the MD degree?

All the original transcripts get issued from the main campus at Dakar, Senegal. Ditto, the MD degree is awarded at the main campus following the Graduation Ceremony conducted at Atlanta, US.

Q13.  What is the Fees structure for each of the 4- and 6-year MD programs?

For the first two years in the 6-year MD program, the fee payable is $6500 USD per semester. For Basic Sciences section, the fees payable is $9000 and for Clinical Sciences, the fees payable is $10000 per semester.

Q14.  What is the College disposition to granting of loans to students?

Currently, we do not have facilities for standard loans to the students. However, students can apply for student or personal loans from their banks and the College will assist in providing the required documents.

Q15.  What arrangement does the College have on students’ residential accommodation?

The College does not have hostels but usually helps in providing the contact details of letting agencies in Senegal to interested students.

Q16.  Where should completed application forms be sent?

You can send your applications to the main campus in Senegal. The details of addresses are given on the website under “Contact Us” option and ‘Application’ section of the “Prospective Students” option.

Q17.  In which states in the US can we practice medicine after graduation from the College?

Some of the states in the US work on case by case basis. However, we have some of our graduates practicing medicine in a large number of places like Alabama, Wyoming, Wisconsin, Maryland, Kentucky, Georgia, Arkansas, Illinois, New Mexico, Baltimore, Maine, Ohio, Florida, etc.

Q18.  Where can we do clinical rotations?

It is our practice to arrange for clinical rotations in the US, and Senegal.

Q19.  Where are the majority of students having their clinical rotations?

Majority of students from the US and Canada are doing clinical rotations at US. Likewise, any student wishing to have clinical rotations in Senegal is free to do it there.

Q20.  When does the semesters for Basic Sciences commence every year?

In January, May and September every year.

Q21.  Are there College vacations?

Yes, there is vacation for approximately two weeks after every semester [see the ‘Academic calendar’ under “Academic Programs” on the College website].

Q22.  How much is the application fee?

A non-refundable token of $100 USD.

Q23.  How can the College confirm our admission and acceptance?

We shall convey to you the outcome of the interview and you will be subsequently required to make a non-refundable deposit of 1000 USD. This deposit will contribute to your tuition fee. The official letter of acceptance will be issued upon the receipt of the stipulated deposit.